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Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that deep down each of us is a child.

a Child who still believes that in Christmas and new year, grandpa comes with a white-grey beard and all wishes will come true.

But we're adults, and we adults do not admit to anyone, but the children believe in miracle and that is why also love the Christmas holidays. Because the holidays brings us back to childhood.

the New year is a time of hope, faith in a miracle and most cherished desires. And main on this holiday of course a good magician has many different names. This Santa Claus, and Santa Claus and ... and when it is not called. He has many names and many unknowns inherent in yourself and your life this interesting wizard which certainly brings gifts.

it is believed to get the gift, you just need the whole year to be good.

But still, the better way is to write a letter to Santa Claus or Santa Claus.

Probably each of us once in my life wrote such a letter and usually email is working.

When we became adults we stopped writing such letters sincerely believing that the gifts, the feast and the holiday feeling will come of itself.

But by itself nothing happens!

the Celebration itself and if it comes, it will be just another gray day on the calendar.

it is common knowledge that the expectation of the holiday gives the feeling of holiday and new year holiday is the feeling of giving it is new year's attributes. And the more of these attributes, the better one feels, the very approach of the New year and the brighter the Holiday itself!

We invite all adults to once again feel like children, to create a holiday atmosphere and get a fabulous winter wizard gifts.

it's very simple: get the attributes of the new year at our fabulous store and earn real money.

Your income in WINTER STORY grows every hour and depends only on the number and location of Attributes. Every hour You will be charged the amount for the possession of Attributes and in addition are given the opportunity to get additional profit at the expense of invitations to parties even without their own contribution. For this we have a referral reward of 10% of the amount of the Deposit balance of Your party.

After a very simple registration in WINTER STORY You available Personal account.

In the section "Balance" You are given the opportunity to manage their funds: to Fund the balance, to make a change in the number of attributes (to reduce or increase your income) to get the referral link and banner for the invitation in the project of new participants.

Generate the recharge for the amount from$ 10 to any of our proposed methods. After Deposit of Your funds would be immediately transferred in "Free Money", which is displayed on the page "Balance".

"Free Money" allow you to start to manage Attributes: move and change the number of Attributes thereby to determine the amount of charges per hour.

Please note that all changes You make are displayed instantly and You will be in real time can observe your income that is awake to every hour depending on the number of Attributes.

Below the table of Attributes contains information BEFORE and AFTER changes. In these tables displays information about Your income currently, and Your income after you save the changes.

Note: all charges are made only to "Active Assets". "Available Funds" charges are not made.

All of the charges and rewards also come from Your "Free Money".

change the Attributes in fact is Your personal designer service plans. You have the opportunity to define Your income as Your profit per hour depends on how much You have is Attributes.

At any time change the number of Attributes and compare Your current income with what You get after saving changes.

After changing the number of attributes you must click "SAVE CHANGES".

After this action, the timer is reset and the accrual will begin a new era with a new accrual of profit per hour.

Your income in WINTER STORY grows every hour and depends only on the number and location of attributes.

Each cell of the Attributes may contain no more than 10 Attributes of the same type.

You have the opportunity to buy back and to sell the Attributes due to Your "Free Funds" for this action You do not hold any Commission.

Just a WINTER STORY, there are five Attributes and each Attribute has its value and its yield – the percentage You earn every hour for the use of the Attribute.

SNOWFLAKE is the value of$ 10 brings you a return of + 0.15% per hour

BALL cost of$ 50 brings you income + 0.18% per hour

CANDLE - $ 100 brings you income + 0.2% per hour

TREE - cost of$ 250 brings you income + 0.25% per hour

SANTA CLAUS - the cost of$ 500 brings you income + 0.3% per hour

You can experiment with the number of Attributes and their location. Remove, add, move, and thereby change the amount of profit per hour.

To maximize income needs to maximize all available "Free Money". Income is accrued only on the "Active Tool". On "Free Money" income is not accrued.

You have the opportunity at any time to remove any number of Attributes. The cost of remote Attributes into Your "Free Money".

if possible, each hour, check the "Available Funds" as all interest and interest on the affiliate program go to "Free Money".

"Free Money" there is to You at any time had the opportunity to make optimal use of funds: to purchase or to change the number of Attributes (to change your income) or to withdraw from the project.

After check-in to WINTER, where You will have the opportunity at any time to increase your balance and withdrawals.

After recharging Your funds are transferred instantly and appear in Your balance "Free Funds".

WINTER STORY works with the most common EPS. Perfect Money, Payeer, NIX MONEY, ADVCASH Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit amount of balance in WINTER STORY is$10.

IN WINTER STORY the minimum possible amount while withdrawal 0.10$ or 0.0005 BTC.

Processing the withdrawal of funds from WINTER STORY within 24 hours. This is the maximum time, in practice, the withdrawal from WINTER STORY is much faster.

WINTER STORY exists at the expense of Commission is 10% if the withdrawal of available funds.

IN WINTER, where You will have the opportunity at any time to withdraw any of your funds or all of Your available funds.

By default, withdrawal in WINTER STORY is to the payment system from which they came.

Yes. In WINTER STORY there is an affiliate program which provides a referral fee of 10% of the Deposit amount balance of Your party.

IN WINTER STORY there is an affiliate program which provides a referral fee of 10% of the Deposit amount balance of Your member's Remuneration for the affiliate program is automatically received in Your "Available Funds".

In case You have not found the answer to your question, suggest You to seek help at the contacts or in our support.

good luck, merry Christmas and Happy New year!

the Holiday is coming!